We are pleased to announced that in April 2016 the South African government decided NOT to pursue a proposal on rhino horn trade at CITES CoP17 that is being held in South Africa in September 2016!

Conservation in South Africa is currently in the grip of the pro-trade and hunting fraternities.

These powerful groups have the financial wherewithal and influence to dominate over the gentler, more preservation centric type of conservation. Wildlife in South Africa is suffering under the current rule of thought which is “sustainable use” of resources.

For example, the South African Cabinet has deemed rhino horn to be a “renewable resource”, despite the fact that rhinos are an iconic wild animal and rhino horn cannot be harvested without using severely invasive techniques or killing the animal.

Currently, the SA government and some private wildlife ranchers are waging a fierce campaign of propaganda aimed at getting a proposal to trade horn approved t the next CITES Conference.

YOUR support of Wild and Free will allow us to counter that.



  • Knowledge is good to have, but useful only if can be put into action!
  • There is much we can do to improve the situation but it will take time and funds.
  • We want to establish a Legal Fund because it will sometimes be necessary to resort to litigation to right some of the wrongs being perpetrated
  • against wildlife.
  • Donors can request that their donation be specifically allocated to the Legal Fund account.
  • A Board of Enquiry is needed to completely overhaul the laws governing Wildlife in order to close the many loopholes that are being
  • exploited by animal abusers.
  • Wild and Free SA has initiated an International campaign to Petition the CITES Parties around the world against rhino horn trade.
  • Wild and Free SA has initiated various petitions to CITES and other organisations lobbying against rhino horn trade and requesting that the Southern White rhino’s conservation status be increased to ENDANGERED and that the species be put back on Appendix I.

More about this under the PROJECTS section.